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The company Rui Manuel da Conceição – RMC, Lda., was founded in 1958 by Rui Manuel da Conceição.

Working in a garage next to his house, Mr. Conceição provides maintenance and repairing services for the concrete industry at Maceira, his former employer.

Today with 25 workers, RMC’s leadership held by Rui da Conceição Santo e Nuno da Conceição Santo seeks to improve production investing in modern manufacturing machinery and production process. The goal is to increase value added time regarding the quality of parts produced for all industries operation in no time.

During the last two years RMC started the production of tailored gear boxes for competition disciplines, such as rally, rally cross, all-terrain, drift and endurance reaching significant output standards of motorsports performance.

For heavy industrial response, our production capability is straight and helical gearing from 6 mm to 1 000 mm diameter, module 0,25 to 20 and diametral pitch 48 to 2, Conical gearing 20 mm to 800 mm diameter, module 1 to 20 and racks till 1 500 mm.

For motorized competition, we can produce tailored gear boxes and Limited Slip Differential (LSD) for rally, rally cross, all-terrain, drift and speed tracks.

Our strategy is to decrease delivery time on all industries, as for instance, concrete, transport, bakery, moulds and plastics, glass, environment enterprises, including Spain and France.

I order to achieve this strategy we are constantly investing in new machinery software and personal training both industry and competition teams.